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Medical Team at King Khalid Hospital in Tabuk Saves Resident from Aortic Aneurysm Burst
13 April 2017
A medical team at King Khalid Hospital in Tabuk has managed to save the life of a 14-year-old resident through a successful 3-hour surgery, in which the aortic artery was prevented from burst. Upon arrival at the Emergency Section of King Khalid Hospital in Tabuk, the patient underwent the necessary medical examination and tests, which showed that there was abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). Because the condition reached a very critical stage that the artery could burst at any moment causing severe internal bleeding and sudden death, the patient had entered the operating room. Then, the aortic artery was determined and the entrances and exits of the blood circulation of the right subclavian artery of the aorta were controlled, as well as lifting the aortic artery and removing the tight adhesions to the renal ureter, the intestines and the peritoneal membrane aside from the aorta. After repairing the large aortic aneurysm, the blood circulation was restored to the legs and organs of the pelvis and an artificial arterial link was made. After three hours, the patient was transferred to the ICU, and his health condition is currently stable.
The head of the surgical team at the hospital has pointed out that this type of aneurysm (dilation) affects 3 in every hundred thousand people. He added that it is rarely detected before the explosion, and it causes high mortality rates, in addition to its high-risk complications.

Last Update : 20 April 2017 03:04 PM
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