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Maternity and Children Hospital in Jeddah Conducts Rare Surgery for Baby Weighing 700 Grams
11 April 2017
A specialized medical team at the Maternity and Children Hospital in Al-Musaediah, Jeddah, has successfully conducted a serious surgery for a 23-week-old premature baby; as he was born underweight (weighing no more than 700 grams), suffering from perforation and inflammation in intestines. This case necessitates surgical intervention, by means of opening the abdomen of the child to treat the hole and obstruction in the small intestines, although his health condition was not suitable. The surgery was the only way to save the child's life; even though handling such cases with similar weights is reckoned one of the real challenges faced by the anesthesia and pediatric surgery teams. Thanks to Allah, the baby had not any complications after this rare surgery, and is currently being under comprehensive observation up until recovery.
 It is worth mentioning that the Neonatal Intensive Care Section at the hospital provides specialized care for babies born full term and premature infants, and includes the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices.

Last Update : 16 April 2017 03:29 PM
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