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Surgeons at Al-Ansar Hospital in Madina Saves Woman in Her Seventies with Massive Tumor
06 April 2017
A specialized medical team at Al-Ansar Hospital in Madina has successfully managed to relieve the suffering of a woman in her seventies with a rare and massive tumor in her abdomen, causing intestinal obstruction and chronic pains.
After the patient had undergone the laboratory tests and required x-rays, the surgeons decided to conduct a surgery to remove the tumor (weighing 504 kg). Then, the tumor had been sent to the Histology Lab at King Fahd Hospital, for the chemotherapy follow-up. The results of tests showed that it was one of the rare malignant tumors occurring in the abdomen. The surgery has been crowned with success, and the patient was paid intensive healthcare later until her condition improved. After that, she was discharged from the hospital after making sure of her well-being completely.

Last Update : 12 April 2017 11:12 AM
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