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Saving Stroke Victim at King Khalid Hospital in Najran
05 April 2017
Najran Health Affairs General Directorate saved the life of a patient in his six decade, after being exposed to a stroke, as King Khalid Hospital in Najran had received the patient in a critical care; due to suffering a stroke and a total paralysis in his left side. The medical team in neurology section has managed to save his life, in a rare case at the level of regional hospitals. After the patient had properly been diagnosed by the consultant of neurosurgery and strokes, Dr. Majid Farraj, and had undergone to neuroimaging or brain imaging, it showed the occlusion of one of his arteries. Thus, the patient was given a solvent, which contributed to saving his life, May Allah be praised. Two hours later, the patient was able to move his left side completely, and his health status is now stable.
It is worth mentioning that Najran Health Affairs General Directorate, represented by King Khalid Hospital, highlighted that the patient should be immediately taken to a hospital after being exposed to a stroke in a period of not more than 3 hours; in order to be aided and avoid complications of such strokes, which sometimes may lead to death.
 The consultant of neurosurgery at the hospital pointed out that stroke is a life-threatening medical condition, which occurs when blood is cut off to a specific area of the brain, the matter which requires immediate medical intervention to reduce the risk of dangerous brain damage.

Last Update : 09 April 2017 03:42 PM
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