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Bisha Health Affairs Directorate Getting Ready for the Dust Storm in the Governorate
04 April 2017
Bisha Health Affairs General Directorate has underscored the readiness of its hospitals, the availability of all adequate needs, in terms of medications for allergy and asthma, and the readiness of emergency sections and healthcare centers, in addition to its medical and clinical preparations to receive cases that may be affected by the dust storm, which has been witnessed in the governorate since this morning today, Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 (corresponding to Rajab 7th, 1438H).
Within the same vein, Bisha Health Affairs General Directorate has warned everyone, especially the elderly, children and those people with allergies in the chest or respiratory system, not to go out in such weather, except when necessary, and to avoid allergy triggers (allergens); because these categories are most affected by the dust. It also advised them to put on medical masks to protect their respiratory system.
On the other hand, Bisha Health Affairs General Directorate has conducted a 3-day-training course under the title: “Excellence in Customer Service”, targeting those employees working in providing direct services to the public. The number of participants amounted to 30 employees from hospitals and other healthcare sector. The directorate aims through this training course to promote and improve the performance of employees, working at sections that provide direct services to patients and visitors, the matter which will be positively reflected on the health services provided to customers. The training course has been held at the training center affiliated to the directorate.

Last Update : 05 April 2017 01:56 PM
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