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King Abdullah Hospital in Bisha Saves the Life of Man in His 20s Injured with Multiple Stabbing
04 April 2017
The emergency section at King Abdullah Hospital in Bisha has received a young man in his twenties, in a critical condition, after fighting with other people using blunt objects and edged weapons. The young man was found to be stabbed in various places in the head and behind the ear and forearm, while the most dangerous and severe stab was in the left side above the abdomen and lower chest, which resulted in a protrusion of a large part of the stomach and parts of the abdominal tissues. Immediately, the surgical consultant in the hospital proceeded with case, and the first aids were performed and bleeding was stopped to the patient at the emergency section. Then, the patient was transferred to the operating room and underwent an abdominal laparoscopic surgery, which showed a deep wound with rib fractures, a protrusion of a large part of the stomach, and laceration in the abdominal wall and tissues.
After that, the stomach has been returned to its place, with repairing its wall, and the large incision, found in the diaphragm, has been repaired (Hiatal Hernia) after making sure of safety of the left lung. A chest tube has been inserted in the abdomen, and removed later, after following up the patient in ICU. Thanks to Allah, the patient has been able to eat and move normally, and discharged from hospital in stable health status.

Last Update : 05 April 2017 12:04 PM
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