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MOH Selects Nominating Committee Members for the Awareness Award “Wa3i”
02 April 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced names of Nomination Committee Members for the Awareness Award “Wa3i”, which has been recently launched. The award targets the categories of individuals, companies and societies that are specialized in the health domain or involved in the health awareness. Besides, many cash and in-kind prizes will be awarded for winners.
The MOH stated that it has selected a number of specialists for the Nomination Committee for the award’s branches, namely: a short awareness film, infographic design, awareness photos and drawing of all kinds. The MOH indicated that the nomination committee members have been selected according to their professional and academic experiences in the award’s branches.
Within the same vein, the MOH keeps on receiving participations of the contestants in the four branches of the ward. Besides, it highlighted that the deadline of receiving participations of the contestants, via the Award’s website, will be April 13th, 2017 (corresponding to Rajab 16th, 1438H). This award comes within the framework of the MOH’s efforts to promote the health awareness among the various society members, as well as encouraging them to follow the proper healthy lifestyles.
Furthermore, the number of visits to the award’s website amounted to 217,073 visits, the number of views to the award’s introductory video amounted to 3,458,806 views and the remaining time to accept participations is 11 days.

Last Update : 16 May 2017 11:40 AM
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