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Complicated Surgery Conducted for Patient in his Second Decade after Traffic Accident
27 March 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced that a specialized medical team at king Khalid General Hospital in Hafr Al-Batin has successfully conducted a complicated surgery for a patient in his second decade, after a traffic accident. Firstly, the patient had been referred from Al-Saeerah Hospital after experiencing a traffic accident, while suffering losing of consciousness and unstable vital signs. The first aids had promptly been performed to the patient and he had been placed on a ventilator. The necessary tests had been conducted to him, which showed bleeding in the lungs, and a chest tube had been placed to him. Then, a CT scan of the brain had revealed multiple cerebral contusions on the left side of the brain, traumatic brain stem injury (TBSI), and extradural haematoma, which required urgent surgical intervention, in addition to skull fracture.
After that, the patient had been immediately transferred to the operating room, while connected to the ventilator, and undergone a surgery to discharge and control the bleeding. During the surgery, a sagittal sinus injury had been detected, which is reckoned one of difficult cases for being at the most difficult and sensitive areas in the brain, and the success rate of surgery for such cases is very small. As the patient had lost about 6 liters of blood during the surgery, a number of 8 units of blood had been transferred to him as compensation for the loss and the bleeding had been controlled after conducting the surgery, which lasted for three hours.
It is worth mentioning that the patient had been transferred after undergoing the surgery to the ICU. A week later, his health status began to improve and a decision has been made to withdraw the ventilator of him. Besides, the final CT scan has shown no bleeding, and the patient is currently receiving medical and physical therapy.

Last Update : 29 March 2017 12:56 PM
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