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MOH Wins the Sharjah Government Communication Award
24 March 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH) won the Sharjah Government Communication Award for the Best Government Campaign of Communication with the Public. The MOH wins the award for the MOH’s health awareness campaign on diabetes, which has been implemented under the theme: “Stop It at Its Limit”. The MOH has received the award during the award ceremony, which has been recently held in Sharjah under the auspicious of Shaikh Sultan Al Qasimi.
The objectives of MOH’s campaign included the presentation of diabetes risk factors in the society and the contribution to reducing the incidence of the disease, by means of the education on ways to prevent it, meanwhile reducing the possibility of its complications among diabetics through indicating the importance of continuing treatment and follow-up with the physician. The campaign also targeted the community members, who do not follow a healthy lifestyle, diabetics and their families.
Furthermore, the campaign was based on a strategy, in which more creative and influential ideas have been implemented. For example, a character of “Diabetes Monster” has been presented and demonstrated in a provocative manner to convey the awareness messages in a counterproductive manner, with the involvement of the targeted groups in fighting against the monster, as well as rewarding the outstanding fighters.
According to the campaign assessment, about 60% of the respondents, who filled in the questionnaire, thought that the video idea was excellent. In addition, about 65% responded that the idea of the video was clear, while other percentages vary in this respect. As for “Twitter” and “WhatsApp”, they witnessed the highest percentage, in terms of the video spread, at a rate of 4.36% and 9.28% for each. Besides, about 80% were convinced of the importance of practicing physical activity to change their behavior to a healthy lifestyle, and some of them actually began to change.

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