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Alamal Complex in Dammam Succeeds in Activating its Role as Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation
20 March 2017
Psychiatric rehabilitation center at Alamal Complex for Mental Health in Dammam, the first of its kind in the Kingdom, continues provision of its services and achieved considerable success and made a big difference despite the fact it is a newly established center, at the beginning of last year 1437H. The center accommodates 41 patients and there are 10 beneficaries of the services of the complex's daycare section which is run by elite of specialists who work to promote their psychological behaviors and skills and rehabilitate them for integration in the community. 
The center provides its services to patients with chronic psychiatric conditions, who have previously been hospitalized in the complex. The center is divided into several sections including, the chronic hospitalization section for patients without families and temporary hospitalization section for mental patients, through which inpatients receive psychiatric care for a period of six months to two years, with the aim of rehabilitating them prior to reintegrating them into community. It also includes daycare section for both sexes, and currently the extended care section receives male patients and provides them with the proper daycare services. The center rehabilitates the mental patient and helps him to regain his normal functions, as an individual, in all aspects of life, including his self-consciousness, interaction with others, communication with the patient's family and community, enhancing educational of functional performance of the patient, and promoting the religious aspect as well. In addition to that the center's specialists are also helping the patient to be aware of his condition and his needs. 
It is noteworthy that the center's rehabilitation programs include self-care program, daily life program, cognitive behavioral therapy program, memory and concentration enhancement program, problem solving and decision making skills development program, library, reading and computer teaching program, sports and entertainment programs, sewing program for both sexes, handicrafts (such as gypsum, ceramic and cork) program, art therapy program, drama and theater program, cooking program, picnic program, woodworking program and farming program. All these programs aim at rehabilitating patients of the center, integrating them into their community and reducing the effects of the disease in their lives, using the latest methods and programs by specialized work teams.

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