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MOH: King Fahad Hospital in Jazan Saves the Life of Patient Seriously Injured in Traffic Accident
15 March 2017
Thanks to Allah, a medical team at King Fahad Central Hospital in Jazan has saved the life of a patient with serious injuries scattered throughout his body, he sustained in a traffic accident. Immediately upon his arrival at the emergency department, the medical team gave him first aid and urgent blood transfusion to deal with his injuries including a rupture of the aorta in the chest, injuries to the spleen and liver, fractures of the right femur and right leg bones. After that he was transferred to the interventional radiology operating room. 
Then the medical team involved in repairing the aorta via the femoral artery by inserting a stent under the skin. After his condition stabilized, he was transferred to the ICU under medical observation, and after some other specialized procedures, the patient began the healing stages, and now is under a medical plan by the treating medical staff.

Last Update : 13 April 2017 02:54 PM
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