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MOH: More Than 1,300,000 Patients Seen at Health Centers in Bisha
15 March 2017
The health centers of Bisha Health Affairs, a total of 58 centers, have provided primary health care services to more than one million cases during last year. Those benefited from the services of the clinics amounted to 1,072,467 cases and 74,965 from the dental services. Regarding maternity and children programs, 13,514 cases were seen at pregnancy clinics, 69,381 cases at healthy child clinics and 145,836 cases for other services.
Also, the health centers provide medical services through on duty centers that were operated to relieve the pressure on emergency departments in hospitals. The number of patients seen at the on duty centers, during the same period, amounted to 82,551 cases at Al-Roshan Center, 1,612 at Samakh Center, 7,849 at Al-Hazmi Center, 2,512 at Bani Amro Center, 13,000 at Al Amwah Center and 16,139 patients at Al-Naqea Center.

Last Update : 05 April 2017 03:28 PM
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