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MOH: King Fahd Hospital in Jeddah Excises Tumor from the Upper Jaw of a Patient in His Fifties
14 March 2017
A medical team at King Fahad Hospital in Jeddah has succeeded in excising a 300-gram and 8 cm long tumor from the upper jaw of a 54-year old patient during a delicate surgery that lasted for 4 hours. 
According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), the patient came to hospital with a tumor and severe pain in his face accompanied by ulcers in the roof of throat, and a biopsy of the tumor indicated that he has a malignant tumor centering on the roof of the throat, and that surgical intervention is the only way to excise the tumor.
It said that the medical teams have excised the whole tumor and part of the upper jaw and fundus of the eye (orbital bone) from the patient. Then an acrylic stent, made particularly for the patient, was placed to support the hollow area and acting as a jaw until completion of other treatments.
It is noteworthy that most cases of removal of all or part of the jaw require rehabilitation and replacement of the jaw and teeth in order to restore the shape and function of the teeth.

Last Update : 30 April 2017 03:54 PM
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