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Hafr Al-Batin Central Hospital Obtains License to Practice Nuclear Medicine
13 March 2017
Hafr Al-Batin Central Hospital has obtained license to practice nuclear medicine, from King Abdullah City for Nuclear and Renewable Energy, represented by the National Center for Radiation Protection.
The hospital nuclear medicine department will render its services to a large segment in Hafr Al-Batin province and its affiliated villages and hamlets, in addition to other adjacent areas.
The hospital obtaining of the license came after the Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by training quality tests of nuclear medicine section, has equipped the section in accordance with the standards, provision of license requirement, applying emergency plan in case of radiation hazards, calibration of radiation measurement devices, provision of individual dosage cards and naming a radiation protection official. Also, the MOH has provided the SPECT-CT, the gamma camera device, thyroid activity detector, and warm laboratory devices.
The nuclear medicine is one of the most important sections in the health field, for diagnosing different medical cases, through which we can detect and treat some types of cancers such as thyroid cancer.

Last Update : 20 April 2017 02:49 PM
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