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MOH Closes West of Najran Hospital for Safety Reasons
11 March 2017
The Ministry of Health has announced the closure of the West of Najran Hospital, Najran Region, because it endangers the lives of patients, visitors and employees, pointing out that such measure underlined its keenness about patient safety which comes out on top of its priorities. It reiterated its commitment to apply safety and security standards on all health facilities whether governmental or private.

It indicated that proceeding from its keenness to provide health care for citizens, four health centers will be operated throughout the day in the same area, adding that East of Najran Hospital is currently operating at a capacity of 40%, and can receive cases coming from west Najran, as the time spent between the two hospitals not more than 20 minutes.
It added that it will continue undertaking its supervisory and regulatory role in the Kingdom's health system and it will not hesitate to close any hospital for noncompliance with safety requirements, even if it is one of its own hospitals.

According to the reports conducted by the MOH's technical team, the hospital building lacks safety and security requirements, the matter which endangers the lives of hospitalized patients, saying that the specialized consulting office appointed to investigate the case, requested evacuation of the building to make necessary checks on the building foundations before rehabilitation works. 

Last Update : 12 March 2017 02:42 PM
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