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MOH: Successful Surgery Saves Man in His Thirties Injured in Traffic Accident
09 March 2017
A medical team including physicians specialized in general surgery, thoracic surgery and neurology surgery as well as ICU at King Khalid Hospital in Najran has successfully managed to save the life of a 30-year-old young man with severed spinal cord due to a traffic accident.
The patient came to the hospital's emergency department with multiple injuries, including bleeding in the thoracic cavity of both sides causing acute circulatory failure, fracture and dislocation in the spine at the level of the sixth and seventh vertebrae and severed spinal cord. The medical procedures conducted by the medical team have contributed to stabilizing of the patient's general condition, and then they performed a successful surgery on him including fixation of the spinal cord by neurosurgery doctors.
The patient continues his treatment at the hospitalization section, and thanks to Allah he enjoys stable condition and good health.

Last Update : 18 April 2017 03:26 PM
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