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Ministries of Health and Commerce Catch a Company Supplying Government Hospitals with Adulterated Sterilizers
08 March 2017
Inspection committees of the Ministries of Health and Commerce, in collaboration with the relevant authorities, have caught a company supplying adulterated sterilizers and detergents to several government hospitals. Based on the investigations it carried out and a tip-off from a citizen, the Ministry of Health (MOH), in coordination with the relevant authorities, has busted the company's warehouse and violators, closed it down and confiscated the adulterated materials.
The MOH confirmed that the safety of patients and its employees at health facilities is one of its priorities, and that it will not hesitate to take all statutory measures to maintain the health and safety of everyone, adding that it will not stop its surprise rounds and pursue whoever tries to harm citizens or residents and patients and health facilities, or to violate the health regulations.
It is noteworthy that during the past period, the MOH has involved in activating patients safety and infection control, whereas it has developed performance indicators to measure to what extent its facilities apply the necessary health requirement that ensure patients safety.    

Last Update : 12 March 2017 12:53 PM
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