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MOH: More than 1.5 Million Patients Receive Medical Services at Bisha Hospitals
08 March 2017
According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), Bisha's hospitals have provided their therapeutic and emergency services to 1,521,490.00 patients during the past year, and the number of patients to the outpatients amounted to 162,707 and during the same period 372,232 patients were seen at the emergency sections, in addition to 2,542 surgical operations. There were 3,741 delivery cases, 885,414 laboratory examinations and 94,854 x-ray procedures.
It is noteworthy that Bisha health affairs has a total of seven hosdpitals and King Abdullah Hospital in Bishe is the reference hospital for the hospitals in Tathleeth, Al-Alaya, Tebalah, La-Bashaier, Turj and Naqaha and mental hospital.

Last Update : 19 March 2017 01:49 PM
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