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MOH: Commencement of Work at On-Duty Health Centers in Makkah
08 March 2017
Makkah Health Affairs has launched the first stage of operating on duty health centers for 24 hours a day, starting with Kaakia and Nawariyah centers, in addition to develop a plan to operate clinics' schedules gradually, at a rate of 25% of the other health centers and for 16 working hours, starting with dental, pregnancy and vaccinations clinics, according to the Ministry of Health (MOH).
In addition to operating 10 health centers for 16 working hours, notably Jamjoom health center, Modreka health center and Al-Zahir health center.
It added that all region's health centers will participate in the on duty schedule for these centers. A female doctor, male doctor, pharmacist, nurse, administrator and security guard will be assigned during the night shift, from 12 am to 8 am. The health centers will be equipped with all medical and ambulatory needs to deal with any medical case arrives at the center.
The MOH was keen to commence comprehensive development of the health centers so as to be able to provide patients and visitors with distinctive and high-class services. The development project will start at four centers in Makkah: Kudai and Al-Hijrah health center, Al-Zahir health center, Hada health center and Al-Sharaie health center, and quality programs will be implemented at the centers of Al-Sharaie (7), Kudai and Al-Hijrah and sooner scheduled plan will be implemented at the rest of Makkah centers. 

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