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Successful Implantation of Valve inside Valve for 14-Year Old Girl at Madinah Cardiac Center
06 March 2017
According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), a medical team at Madinah Cardiac Center has achieved a medical breakthrough after successfully implanting a valve inside existing valve for a 14-year old girl, through a cardiac catheterization.
The patient had been transferred from Makkah with severe respiratory distress and high pulmonary arterial pressure. The patient had a successful open heart surgery four years ago to replace the mitral valve with another biological valve.
Because the patient will not tolerate another open heart surgery, which may put her life at risk, cardiac catheterization team decided to conduct an interventional procedure to implant a valve inside the mitral valve. The interventional procedure was successful and she left the hospital in good health, thanks to Allah. The procedure which was conducted at the catheterization lab is reckoned as one of the rare cases by a specialized medical team. The team is planning to publish the outcomes of the cardiac catheterization procedure in international medical journals for the benefit of all concerned in the cardiology field. 

Last Update : 03 May 2017 03:01 PM
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