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MOH: An Awareness Infographic on the Amount of Sleep We Need
01 March 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has warned against lack of sleep symptoms including weight gain and the possibility of contracting type 2 diabetes, in addition to high blood pressure and mood disorder. 
In its Twitter's account, the MOH posted an awareness infographic about the number of daily hours of sleep a person needs throughout his life, starting form newborns up to the elderly.
Sleep is defined as a natural state that helps relaxing body muscles, reducing involuntary movements and interaction with surroundings. It is one of the types of consciousness alteration not losing it, and is a natural phenomenon occurs in repeating periods to stimulate the brain and vital processes in human body.  
The MOH continues organizing awareness activates by posting a number of infographics through its social media accounts. They include medical tips, health awareness guidelines about different diseases and ways of prevention and dealing with them, within the framework of the MOH's efforts to take advantage of all available potentials and achieve optimal utilization of the latest technologies, to positively contribute to raising health awareness and enhance health lifestyle among all community members.

Last Update : 16 March 2017 11:50 AM
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