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Emergency Departments at Jazan Hospitals Receive More than 391,000 Patients during First Quarter of 1438H
23 February 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH) said that its hospitals in Jazan Region provided their therapeutic and emergency services to more than 391,303 patients at emergency departments during the first quarter of 1438H, while the hospitals have performed 5,178 surgical operations, 5,634 child births, and received 197,831 patients at the outpatient clinics and 30,078 hospitalizations during the same period.
On the other hand, 4,049 cases have been seen by home medicine teams of Jazan Health Affairs, 151 cases transported by ambulances and 6,820 transferred to the region's hospitals and 624 subspecialty cases to hospitals outside the region.
The kidney dialysis patients who benefit from dialysis centers in Jazan amounted to 939 cases and one day surgery cases reached 1,024.
It is noteworthy that Jazan Health Affairs provides its services through 21 hospitals in all provinces of the region, and currently there are a number of projects under implementation, with the aim of enhancing provision of health services in the region.

Last Update : 06 March 2017 01:38 PM
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