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MOH Completed Its Annual Limited Campaign for Polio Vaccination at a Rate of 99%
21 February 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH) stated that it has completed this week its Annual Limited Campaign for Polio Vaccination for this year (1438H), targeting the vaccination of children aged less than 5 years, as a number of 787.611 children have been vaccinated (at a rate of 99%).
The MOH pointed out that this campaign targeted the vaccination against polio covering the areas of Hajj and western south borders.  The campaign comes as part of the efforts exerted to keep the Kingdom free of polio and prevent the importation of this virus from the affected countries.
Furthermore, the Ministry highlighted that this campaign is of great importance, in line with the objectives of the World Health Organization (WHO) to get rid of polio all over the world, especially from the affected countries, to control the harms and disabilities resulting from this disease, and to raise the level of immunity against this disease across the communities.

Last Update : 01 March 2017 09:37 AM
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