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90 Minimally Invasive Open-Heart Surgeries at King Abdullah Medical City in Makkah
19 February 2017
King Abdullah Medical City in Makkah has conducted 90 minimally invasive open heart surgeries, as part of 1,600 open heart surgeries since the establishment of the cardiac center in the medical city. The minimally invasive surgeries are reckoned as one of the high-tech surgeries without having to make a large incision, contrary to the traditional heart surgeries.
According to the medical administration, these surgeries are available only in specialized medical centers such as the cardiac center of the medical city, which is furnished with all modern surgical devices and equipment to conduct such surgeries, in an endeavor to provide the newest services to patients and keep pace with the international centers. It pointed out that this type of surgical intervention – minimally invasive heart surgeries – is the best option for most of the procedures for repairing and replacing heart valves and a variety of heart conditions that require surgical intervention, and also in order to slightly reduce the coronary artery bypass surgeries. It added that one of the advantages of this type of surgeries is to reduce patients' recovery period in the hospital and that their cure and returning to normal life is faster, compared to traditional surgeries patients.
It is noteworthy that the King Abdullah Medical City in Makkah has an integrated and harmonious team including different specialties, who work side by side to provide outstanding medical care services, through which the Ministry of Health (MOH) aims to gain satisfaction of the beneficiaries, citizens and residents, living in our generous country. 

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