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MOH: 11,504 Cases at Al-Amal & Psychiatric Hospital in Al-Jouf
16 February 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH) stated that Al-Amal & Psychiatric Hospital in Al-Jouf Province has provided its health services, via all sections, to a number of 11,504 cases during the first quarter of this year (438H). These cases include a number of  153 cases at emergency section, 4,208 cases at outpatients clinics, 1,123 inpatients and 1,691 cases at social service section. 
It said that new sections have been recently opened in the hospital including a medical rehabilitation section, in addition to an electric shocks unit, the first of its kind in the northern region's hospitals, and activation of the home medicine section and emergency section in the hospital. It went on to add that an integrated section for medical rehabilitation has been inaugurated for serving female patients including sections of beauty, sewing, cooking, painting, handicrafts, as well as the opening of the first clinical nutrition section,  as well as starting a psychological guidance and counseling unit to deal with patients in absolute secrecy. In addition to opening and activating child psychology section and preparing appropriate place to receive the children and deal with them.
It is noteworthy that the hospital has signed partnership agreements with Al-Jouf University to activate a clinic for autism disorder and hyper activity, as well as another partnership agreement with the technical training corporation to provide accredited programs for patients, as well as training programs ending with recruitment.

Last Update : 06 August 2017 01:28 PM
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