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MOH: 3rd Workshop on Healthcare Model Project Kicks Off
16 February 2017
In the context of a series of workshops organized by the Ministry of Health (MOH), the third workshop was launched in Riyadh with the participation of about 300 participants from different parts of the Kingdom representing all segments of society including citizens, residents, patients and health practitioners such as physicians and nurses and others.
It explained that the third workshop comes within a group of workshops with the aim of developing the best healthcare model for the Kingdom, which is reckoned a cornerstone of the strategic transformation plan in the health field, pointing out that the objective of this workshop is to develop the final design for the healthcare model in the Kingdom, particularly before holding the national summit during the coming period.
It is to be noted that the first workshop has tackled the issue of reaching a consensus on the current status, while the second workshop talked about coming up with an initial draft of the best care model from the perspective of the beneficiary.  
The MOH noted that the development of the health care model represents an important step in the transformation of health care in the Kingdom, in line with the Kingdom Vision 20230 and the Transformation Plan 2020, pointing out that the new health system will be based on a perfected health care model, the matter which will help having an integrated and ideal health system that provides the beneficiaries with all their needs. It said that it depends on many principles by focusing on all segments of society, maintaining safety of individuals and the control of citizens and their families over their health and health care services as well, in addition to giving patients access to all aspects of knowledge, and to provide the best level of health care to them, and to provide an integrated system in line with the viewpoints of patients. 

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