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Successful Cyst Removal Surgery at King Fahad Hospital in Najran
15 February 2017
A medical team at King Khalid Hospital in Najran, managed to remove a 2 kg abdominal cyst from a lady in her thirties, thus ending her suffering for two years.
The patient was suffering from chronic abdominal pain and flatulence, and medical examinations confirmed existence of a cyst which pushed the right kidney and colon from their places to the middle of the abdomen. Thanks to Allah, the surgery was conducted on the patient to remove the cyst using the endoscope, and the patient was discharged from the hospital in good health condition.
Within the same vein, emergency departments at the hospital received 16,000 visitors during this year 1438H, while the number of visitors to the outpatient clinics reached 42,000 and 1,250 surgeries including 504 one day surgeries.

Last Update : 21 February 2017 03:25 PM
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