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MOH: Radiology Department at King Abdulaziz Specialized Hospital in Taif Reduces Waiting Times
15 February 2017
Radiology Department at King Abdulaziz Specialized Hospital in Taif Province has managed to reduce waiting times for patients and visitors of the department, in terms of getting an appointment for MRI and CT rays during a period of two days from the time of registration until examination.
Such success will contribute to providing faster and highly efficient diagnostic services for patients and visitors, and consequently achieving the Ministry of Health's (MOH) objectives of increasing productivity, improving performance monitoring of medical services and upgrading heath services provided for the people of the province.
On the other hand, King Faisal Medical Complex in Taif has provided its health and medical services to more than 376,000 patients during last year, at different sections of the hospital. The hospital, which is reckoned one of the main general hospitals in Taif, has provided 2,000,647 laboratory and x-ray examinations including 1,400 endoscopic tests, in addition to 6,333 surgeries. According to the annual report for 2016, the emergency department received 219,706 cases, outpatient clinics 129,542, physiotherapy department 26,115 and 2,366,416 laboratory examinations and 99,875 x-rays.

Last Update : 22 February 2017 03:25 PM
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