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MOH: Over 24,000 Surgeries at Qassim Hospitals during Last Year
12 February 2017
According to the Ministry of Health (MOH) Qassim Region's hospitals have conducted 2,016 surgical operations during last year, at 16 hospitals distributed in Buraidah city and other provinces of the region.
The maternity and children hospital in Buraidah has captured the lion's share of these surgeries with 5,861 surgeries, followed by Buraidah Central Hospital 5,816, Al-Rus General Hospital 3,487, King Saud Hospital in Onaiza Province 2.399, King Fahad Specialized Hospital in Buraidah 2,283, Al-AMezneb General Hospital 1,283, Al-Bekariyah General Hospital 993, Al-Badaie General Hospital 602, Dhariyah General Hospital 515, Qibah General Hospital 364, Al-Asiah General Hospital 314, Oyoun Al-Gawa Hospital 236, Riyadh Al-Khobara Hospital 52, Al-Nabhaniya Hospital52, Qusaiba General Hospital 22 and Uqlat Al-Soqour Hospital 10 surgeries.

Last Update : 16 February 2017 03:22 PM
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