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MOH: More than 40,000 Emergency Cases at Maternity and Children Hospital in Arar during First Quarter of 1438H
09 February 2017

The Ministry of Health (MOH) said that the number of cases received by Pediatric Emergency Department of the Maternity and Children Hospital in the city of Arar amounted to 32.768 patients during the last three months of 1438H and the number of women cases at the ambulance section amounted to 7,593. In its endeavor to provide outstanding services to patients, the capacity of the pediatric emergency section was increased by 100%, from 13 to 26 beds and neonatal intensive care unit by 50%, from 40 to 60 beds, and the total number of surgeries, during the same period, amounted to 546, emergency and scheduled surgeries, including 3 cases of hysterectomy. The total number of births during the same period amounted to 1,142, including 754 natural births and 370 C-section. 


It indicated that the hospital has activated an electronic patient service system for evaluating the performance of doctors and receiving complaints and proposals, and currently the work is underway to link health sections with patient's electronic file, in addition to the completion of electronic reporting service.


The MOH pointed out that the hospital has appointed a number of Saudi female obstetrics and gynecology consultants and another consultant to oversee opening of endoscopic surgery section, adding that the hospital officials are aspiring to have the hospital accredited as an educational hospital by opening the Saudi board of obstetrics and gynecology, and that the Saudi board of pediatric will be commenced next October. 



Last Update : 15 February 2017 10:28 AM
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