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MOH: More than 21,000 Patients Benefit from Services of Medical Rehabilitation Center in Bisha
08 February 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that the Medical Rehabilitation Center at King Abdullah Hospital in Bisha provides its services to a total number of 21,161 patients. The center, which is considered one the first centers launched ministry wide, includes the following sections: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and prosthetics and hospitalization of rehabilitation patients (female and male), with a capacity of 28 beds. The center provides special services to medical rehabilitation patients throughout the region and reckoned a model for other centers in the Kingdom, as it designed to serve all types of rehabilitation and disability cases.
It indicated that the center includes 30 physiotherapists (female and male), 5 physiotherapy technicians (female and male) and 2 prosthetics specialists, 3 occupational therapists and 2 rehabilitation doctors.
On the other hand, the health centers in Bisha have finished the seasonal flu vaccination campaign (2016-2017), which began on October 2016, initially targeting 26,641 persons from all age groups of both sexes. Those benefited from the campaign includes 3,048 health practitioners, 10,486 patients with different chronic diseases, 3,294 old persons, 1,494 pregnant women in addition to non-target groups, based on their desire.


Last Update : 13 February 2017 01:58 PM
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