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MOH: More than Two Million Medical Procedures at Health Facilities in Al Qunfudhah during Last Year
07 February 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH) said that Al-Qunfudah General Directorate for Health Affairs has conducted more than two million medical procedures for beneficiaries at its specialized hospitals and centers during the last year 1437H, or a total of 2.417.995 procedures.
During the same period the medical services provided by Al-Qunfudal General Hospital included, 13,118 dialysis sessions, 13,933 visitors to the dental center, as well as 141,823 patients in the hospital's emergency department, about 51,624 visitors to the outpatient clinics, 369,295 laboratory samples and blood bank tests, issued 23,690 prescriptions, hospitalizing 6,356 patients, 770 surgeries, 42,924 radiographic examination, and received 70,963 visitors to screening clinics in the hospital.
It said that Thuriban General Hospital received 32,913 visitors to its outpatient clinics, around 154,687 patients in the hospital's emergency department, conducted around 128,654 laboratory tests, issued 109,387 prescriptions, received 2,815 cases in the obstetrics and gynecology department, 22,450 in the children section, hospitalization of about 752 patients, 94 obstetrics and gynecology cases referred to other facilities, in addition to 15 children, and conducted about 13,140 radiographic examination and 17 delivery cases.
It added that Namerah General Hospital received 78,810 patients at the emergency department, around 300 cases in obstetrics and gynecology emergency, conducted around 29,182 laboratory tests, received 2,573 patients in the dental department, 13,742 radiographic examinations, and received 37,692 visitors to other clinics in the hospital.
AL-Qunfuthah Southern Hospital, it said, conducted 36,218 surgeries, 7,438 hospitalizations, received 98,442 patients in the emergency department, 1,335 deliveries, 36,000 visitors to the outpatient clinics, 42,537 x-rays and 613,920 other laboratory services.  
It concluded that Almuzaylif General Hospital, opened recently, received 22, 86 cases in the emergency department and around 5,001 visitors to the outpatient clinics. 



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