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MOH: Doctors Saved the Life of a Baby with Swallowed Nail at Buraidah Central Hospital
06 February 2017
A medical team at Buraidah Central Hospital managed to save the life of a 16-month old baby suffering from airway obstruction after swallowing a piece of metal "nail".
The ministry of Health (MOH) said that the hospital's emergency section received the baby with severe suffocation and breathing difficulty, excessive discharges from mouth and nose and severe irritation and low blood oxygen level. Primary first aid and examination showed the presence of a piece of metal "nail" at the upper airway at the entrance of the larynx covering the epiglottis. Then the baby was rushed to the operating room, and thanks to Allah, the team managed to remove the nail using an endoscope, and the baby returned to normal.

Last Update : 07 February 2017 11:19 AM
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