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More than 8.162 Visitors to the MOH’s Pavilion at Spring and Heritage Festival in Hafr Al-Batin
Hafr Al-Batin Health Affairs General Directorate has taken part in the events of Spring and Heritage Festival in the governorate. The MOH’s Pavilion in the festival comprised a number of clinics and specialties, including: blood bank, pediatric clinic, dental clinic, dermatology clinic, and anti-smoking clinic, ophthalmology clinic, as well as general clinics offering the biomarkers and body mass index (BMI) measures, blood pressure screening, diabetes screening, and height and weight measurement. The MOH’s Pavilion also included a health education unit.
It is worth mentioning that the MOH’s Pavilion has witnessed featured turnout of more than 8,000 visitors, including 631 in the pediatric clinic, 470 in the dental clinic 470, 124 in the dermatology clinic, 3.758 in the general clinics, and 2.059 in the anti-smoking clinic. In addition, a number of 2.377 health awareness bags have been distributed for the visitors of the MOH’s Pavilion over the first week of the festival.

Last Update : 14 February 2017 01:37 PM
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