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A Medical Team Saves a Woman from Hysterectomy at King Fahad Hospital in Madinah
02 February 2017

A medical team, led by Dr. Mazen Al-Radady of the department of  Catheterization and Interventional Radiology, King Fahd Hospital in Medina, has saved a Saudi citizen, in her thirties, from hysterectomy.


According to Madinah General Directorate for Health Affairs the patient was referred to King Fahad Hospital suffering from severe uterine bleeding after a C-section that threatened her with hysterectomy. The medical team has conducted a 70-minute catheterization on her successfully, through the right femoral artery, during which the uterine nourishing artery was stiffened with gelatin. After 24 hours of the procedure the patient was discharged with stable condition.  


Within the same vein, the medical team conducted a similar procedure on an Asian housemaid, in her twenties, who was referred to King Fahad Hospital with a life-threatening bleeding caused by uterine cancer. Due to the difficulty of hysterectomy at such advanced stage of cancer and severe bleeding which necessitates immediate intervention, a catheterization was performed on her right femoral artery and the uterine nourishing artery was stiffened with gelatin. After the 60-minute procedure the patient was allowed to leave the hospital with stable condition.
For his part, Interventional Radiologist Dr. Al-Radady said that the difficulty of the two cases lies on protecting the life of the patient and avoiding the hysterectomy in order for the patient to live life to the full among her family and have children. 



Last Update : 13 February 2017 12:00 PM
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