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Madinah Cardiac Center Saves Infant from Rare Tumor
30 March 2017
A specialized medical team at Madinah Cardiac Center (MCC) has managed to save the life of an infant aged less than three months, after he was suspected of having a tumor in his heart. The Pediatrics Section at the MCC received the baby, suffering from a weakness of his heart muscle, so that it cannot contract and pump blood to the body; due to excess fluid accumulation around the heart. After laboratory tests and ultrasound had been conducted to the patient, the results showed the presence of presence of a two-centimeter tumor surrounding the heart, causing excess fluid accumulation around the heart.
Immediately, the infant had been admitted to the operating room for removing the fluid around the heart in the first stage, as well as inserting a tube inside the pericardial membrane around the heart (or pericardium) until his health status to be stable. An-open heart surgery has been conducted for the patient by the pediatric surgery team, and the tumor, which originated from the wall of the right atrium, has been removed, May Allah be praised. Then, the tumor was sent to the pathology section for analysis. The infant’s health status is now stable and reassuring after improving in the ICU, and he has been discharged from the center.

Last Update : 03 April 2017 02:37 PM
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