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MOH: ‘Successful Surgery Conducted at Ohud Hospital Saves Patient from Paralysis’
26 January 2017
Thanks to Allah, a specialized medical team at Ohud General Hospital (OGH) in Al Madinah Al Munawwarah has successfully managed to remove a large tumor from the deep lobes of parotid gland for a patient without any complication, May Allah be praised.
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has pointed out that this surgery was difficult and rare; due to the large size of the tumor, which amounts to (10 × 8 cm), in addition to its being in the deep lobe of the gland, the matter which may lead to facial nerve paralysis, May Allah forbid. Thus, the medical team had promptly decided to conduct the surgery for the patient, in order to liberate the nerve and remove the tumor.
It is worth mentioning that the ENT Section in OGH is the only reference hospital in the region, receiving cases referred from other regions; because it staffed with doctors having sub-specialties in ear, nose and throat, as well as including a cochlear Implants (CI) and Hearing Aids (HA) Program.

Last Update : 31 January 2017 12:53 PM
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