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MOH: ‘Success of Joint Replacement Surgeries Conducted at Prince Mutaib Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital in Al-Jouf’
26 January 2017
In continuation of the successes of the Orthopedic Section at Prince Mutaib Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital in Al-Jouf, the medical team, led by head of the section, has managed over two months to conduct a number of surgeries to replace pelvis joints with artificial joints (referred to as prostheses) anchored with bone cement to 5 elderly patients, who have been suffering from various chronic diseases, after being injured with fractures of the femoral neck. After conducting all necessary tests and processing the appropriate joints, the medical team conducted the surgeries, which have been crowned with success, May Allah be praised. The patients are currently able to walk again naturally, and enjoying good health.

Last Update : 31 January 2017 12:54 PM
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