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MOH: ‘Activities of the 2nd Workshop on the Design of Health Care Model Comes to an End’
19 January 2017
As part of the Health Care Model Project, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has organized the second workshop on the Design of Health Care Model, with the involvement of more than 300 participants representing the regions of the Kingdom, including physicians, health practitioners, leaders, patients, and citizens. The workshop lasted for two days in Riyadh.
The workshop resulted in a preliminary design of the form and approach to the health care services delivery. This proposed design will be the health care model that will be reviewed over the coming period. Then, its initial version will be approved during the third workshop, which is scheduled to be held next February, Allah willing.
During the workshop, the participants reviewed the results of the first workshop, which focused on studying the current health care model. Then, interactive panel discussions and brainstorming sessions have run on the possible optimal solutions. This workshop, also, supports the insights of thousands of other health practitioners, who share the debate via the communication platform: “Trello”. Besides, the workshop is coinciding with the MOH’s launch of its public survey, targeting all citizens, via its account on Twitter; with a view to looking for the opinions and insights of tens of thousands of citizens and patients, thus enriching the design.
It is worth mentioning that the Health Care Model is one of the key projects, on which the Vision Realization Office (VRO) in the Ministry is working to be the adopted model for the future health system and which is being designed in line with the Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

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