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MOH: ‘The Health Emergency Due to Poisoning of 15 Persons in Turuba Is Over’
16 January 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has stated that the health emergency situation due to poisoning of 150 persons in Turuba Governorate is over, after dealing with all cases and activating the emergency plans for such situations.
As for details, the Command and Control Room (CCR) at the Emergency Department in Taif Health Affairs General Directorate has received a report at 7:45 a.m. Monday that 36 poisoning cases admitted at Turuba General Hospital. The report had promptly been referred to the field medical teams at the nearby hospitals and healthcare centers, which support the control of such cases and the application of emergency plans. The number of cases had rapidly increased to 150 cases, of which 141 had been admitted the hospital, and the rest of cases admitted to the different government healthcare centers.
Based on the emergency plan, all physicians, health practitioners and administrative officials had been called on to provide the necessary healthcare services. Meanwhile, the hospital had been supported with 14 medical teams and two vehicles for field command and field control, in addition to 15 medical team including 50 members of physicians and health practitioners. Thus, 45 cases had been hospitalized under observation at Turuba Hospital, 7 cases hospitalized at Al-Khurmah Hospital, 19 cases hospitalized at Qia Hospital, and 6 cases hospitalized at Children Hospital, while the health status of other cases is stable, May Allah be praised.
The Ministry, represented by the preventive health, has followed up these cases by fulfilling the entrusted tasks. A committee has been formed from a number of government authorities, and the offending restaurant has been identified and closed until the statutory actions to be taken against it according to the investigation results. Besides, all workers in the restaurant have been referred to the hospital for clinical examination.
It is worth mentioning that the MOH pursue a new methodology in the incidence control, in line with the global criteria, by means of identifying the incidence leader, whether in case of outbreak or multiple injuries, thus contributing to the unification of decision-making and the situation control swiftly.

Last Update : 19 January 2017 10:50 AM
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