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Three Successful Surgeries at Al-Hennakiyah Hospital in Madinah
12 January 2017

Thanks to Allah, a medical team at Al-Hennakiyah Hospital in Madinah has conducted a successful surgery on a resident involved in a traffic accident that caused him internal bleeding. The surgery was conducted by a medical team led by Consultant Surgeon Dr. Mustafa Al-Sawaf, when they discovered a cut on the descending colon and connective arteries, in addition to two cuts in the small intestine. Immediately, an initial atresia and peritoneal dialysis was performed on him, in addition to putting 2 drains in the abdominal cavity. Upon discovering a fracture in his the joint bones of the left and right foot, a plast was casted below the knee. The surgery was successful and the patient was recovering, thanks to Allah. 

Within the same vein, first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was performed on a citizen injured in a traffic accident, before undergoing exploratory surgery to verify presence of internal bleeding in the chest and abdomen.  He underwent splenectomy and diaphragm repair and chest tube was inserted at the right and left sides, and after his condition stabilized he was transferred to King Fahad Hospital in Madinah to complete his treatment, especially in regard to the fracture in his spine and then transferred to Aldar Hospital in Madinah to undergo spine surgery.  

A third surgery was conducted on a citizen who was stabbed on the left side of his abdomen with a sharp object, resulting in internal bleeding caused by a cut on arteries connected to the small intestine, in addition to 4 wounds in the small intestine, which were repaired and bleeding stopped. The surgery was successful and the patient was discharged with stable condition.


Last Update : 18 January 2017 02:44 PM
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