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Al-Rabiah Signs Community Partnership Agreement with the Charitable Society for Patients Care
10 January 2017
His Excellency the Minister of Health Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah has signed today (Tuesday) a community partnership agreement with the Charitable Society for Patients Care (Elaji), as part of a series of agreements the Ministry of Health (MOH) intends to conclude with charitable organizations, private companies and businessmen. Through the agreements, the MOH aims at opening new horizons for partnerships between the ministry and all segments of society, in order to achieve comprehensive health development that impact the health of citizens throughout our beloved country.
Under this agreement, the MOH's hospitals will be opened after the official working hours to conduct surgeries and operate outpatient clinics, and qualified medical teams and necessary equipment and devices will be made available for such operations. Patients registered in the hospital's records will be selected as per the criteria agreed upon between the two parties, as well as receiving the patients referred to the hospital, who meet the terms of the agreement, noting that Elaji Society will bear the costs of the medical teams at the operation rooms or the MOH's outpatient clinics, in accordance with the related laws and regulations. 
Also, the agreement provides for referral of non-Saudi patients and covering the costs of their treatment as per the Paid Health Service Program and provision of qualified medical crew to conduct surgeries and run the outpatient clinics, in the event it is not possible to provide them from within the MOH, on the condition that the latter facilitates communication between Elaji and its hospitals which are capable of implementing the terms of the agreement, according to the needs and quality of agreed upon medical services.
It is noteworthy that the community partnership program is one of the MOH's new initiatives which aim at activating all component of community to contribute to health development and opening new horizons of relationship between the MOH, for the sake of the citizens' health.
In the presence of the minister, another agreement of community partnership was signed between Elaji Society and King Saud Medical City in Riyadh. The agreement provides for establishment of a program to support surgical operations after the official working hours for serving Saudi patients who are registered in the City's records. Elaji has the right to refer Saudi patients to the City in accordance with adopted medical procedures and policies, in the following specializations:  Reconstructive surgeries for children, orthopedic surgery for adults, orthopedic surgery for children, bariatric surgery, spine surgery and cochlear implant surgery. 


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