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Al-Rabiah: “Crises and Disasters Control Is not Limited to the MOH Alone”
10 January 2017
His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, has said: “Crises and disasters control is not limited to the Ministry of Health (MOH) alone, but it is an integrated assignment or role, to be shared by a number of relevant authorities such as General Directorate of Civil Defense, Saudi Red Crescent Authority, and others.”
During his inauguration, today (Tuesday) morning, of a workshop on the Activation of Crises and Disasters Control Centers, Al-Rabiah has pointed out that most people care to crises or disasters only after occurrence. “Therefore, the Ministry is so keen to organize such workshops, wishing to come up with fruitful recommendations with regard to crises and disasters control,” he added.
For its point, the MOH indicated that emergency response requires constant development and follow-up to achieve its objectives in case of emergencies. Besides, the MOH highlighted that it has benefited from several expertise in each of public and private sectors.
It is worth mentioning that this workshop aims at discussing and approving the recommendations of activation the comprehensive command and control room for all risks at all the MOH’s levels. The workshop also aims at approving the infrastructure recommendations, designing the command and control room, identifying the data sources and the mechanism of acquiring and revealing them, training the staff and leaders on the principle of disasters and crises control, identifying the MOH’s plans and the governance to deal with disasters, and clarifying the mechanism of correlation with the relevant third parties.

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