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MOH Clarifies on Disqualifying Applicants for Training Program for Health Diploma Graduates
09 January 2017
The Spokesman of the Ministry of Health (MOH), Mr. Meshal Al-Rubai’an, stated that 7,001 out of 13,742 applicants for the training program for health diploma graduates have been admitted, 4,255 male and 2,746 female. They are of different specialities as follows: 1653 applicants in nursing specialty, 370 in laboratory specialty, 295 in pharmacy specialty, 339 in radiology specialty, 49 in optical specialty, 12 in nutrition specialty, 348 in anesthesia specialty, 13 in respiratory therapy specialty, 8 in renal dialysis specialty, 67 in physiotherapy specialty, 73 in health insurance specialty, 104 in information systems specialty, 169 in epidemiology specialty, 207 in medical devices specialty, 239 in surgery specialty, 601 in medical record specialty, 709 in emergency specialty, 838 in dental specialty and 907 in medical secretary specialty. 
He attributed the disqualification of some applicants to many reasons, most notably: the applicant being a government employee at one of the government sectors, whether military or civilian, or his academic qualification is not commensurate with the specialization applied for, or the input information is not compatible with attached documents, or he is not classified by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) and being non-Saudi. He added that the nomination is reckoned initial until the final compatibility is done; noting that there is a reserve list for each specialty and the admission rate was done according to the maximum capacity of the program in each year, based on the agreement with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. 
The spokesman said that it is provided that the trainee is not an employee of the private sector at the beginning of training and will be given an allowance worth SR 2,000.00 and that the criteria used in preference between applications include seniority, diploma duration of study and the GPA. He said that hiring in the government health sector will be opened for those who passed the training, pointing out that the 12-month program is divided into two equal stages, and the trainee will be admitted to the second stage only after passing the first stage which include theoretical training on English language, medical terminologies and communication skills, and he must score 4 points in the IELTS or its equivalent. The second stage includes practical training in the field of specialization at the MOH's facilities.
The trainee must pass educational and training requirement of the theoretical part and gain the skills provided for in the practical part and the contract will be signed after passing the conformity stage, he said, stressing that in case of the discovery that the applicant is a government employee (civilian or military) he will be disqualified, noting that the MOH considers only the data received form official departments.  
He explained that the MOH has launched, via its Portal and within several community initiatives, a program for enumerating applications, noting that the total number of applicants amounted to 13,472 persons and 2,570 of them have been disqualified for noncompliance with the conditions. Also, there were 11,172 applications in conformity with the conditions and after subjecting them to trade-off procedures according to the year of graduation, duration of study and the GPA, 4,171 candidates have been disqualified and 7,001 approved as final candidates.
It is noteworthy that the MOH and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development have recently signed a memo of understanding with the aim of reducing the personnel gap and achieving professional and economic security through localization that provides job opportunities in the health sector. The MoU comes in line with the Royal directives to the government entities overseeing the various economic activities to coordinate with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development on identifying critical careers and the localization rate required to achieve professional security, in accordance with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 to establish sectoral professional councils meant to identify their needs for skills.
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