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Al-Rabiah Approves Treatment of Drug Addicts in Private Rehabilitation Centers
09 January 2017
His Excellency the Minister of Health Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah has issued a resolution approving inclusion of addicts' rehabilitation centers into supportive health services centers of the private sector.
The Ministry of Health (MOH) indicated that the private health sector can treat and rehabilitate drug addicts in the following facilities: Hospitals specializing in addiction treatment, departments within hospitals, specialized clinics for addiction treatment, or specialized centers for addiction rehabilitation, in accordance with rehabilitation and treatment controls in the private health institutions approved by His Royal Highness the Minister of Interior and President of the National Narcotics Control Commission. It underlined the importance of adherence to all provisions and specifications pertaining to buildings and equipment, or treatment stages and medical team.
It stipulated that the facility should be appropriately located in terms of the availability of public services and transportation and easy access to it, in addition to compliance with the special provisions pertaining to buildings and equipment that take into consideration the safety of patients and staff of the facility so that the patient can't use them to harm himself or others, as per international and local safety requirement and standards in the facility.
The MOH also emphasized its commitment to an integrated, clear and customary program that has been adopted and approved by the ministry. The program should include detection and diagnosis for addiction cases, in addition to provision of integrated medical treatment by a qualified and multidisciplinary medical team as per latest treatment standards which include
detoxification stage, basic treatment stage, rehabilitation and aftercare stages, as well as commitment to treating other psychological and behavioral diseases and problems associated with addiction, if any.
The program should also contribute to treating family and social problems associated with addiction and training the patient on appropriate programs to help him to stay away from addiction and prevent relapse, in addition to involving family in the treatment program.
Moreover, the MOH stressed its full compliance with maintaining patient confidentiality in accordance with rules and regulations issued by the ministry. All Patient files should be secured electronically.
The MOH stipulated that the facility should be under general supervision of a Saudi specialist (a physician or health management specialist), preferably experienced in addiction treatment. Also treating team should be headed by a consultant in clinical psychology and addiction treatment, including specialists in clinical psychology, addiction treatment, medical sociology, nursing, occupational therapy, sport training and religious guidance. Doctors of internal medicine should also be present to deal with any diseases or problems resulting from addiction.

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