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Successful Thyroidectomy at Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Hospital in Jazn
02 January 2017
A medical team at Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Hospital in Jazan has conducted a thyroidectomy to a female patient who was suffering from hypertrophy in the thyroid gland for more than ten years. The lady, in her forties, came to the hospital with a gland of 450-500 gram in weight and 20x15 in dimension, which affected her eating, drinking and sleeping and even her voice. 
The surgical team, led by Hospital Director Consultant General Surgery Dr. Taher Somily, Consultant Genera Surgery Dr. Abdulaziz bin Jannah, Dr. Uhood Eisa Al-Akhrash, Cosultant Jamal Matar, Anesthesia Consultants Dr. Mutaz and Dr. Ahmed Al-Taifi, has managed to remove the tumor.  
It is worth mentioning that when the patient decided to get rid of the tumor which crippled her life for a long time, she was not welcomed by the hospitals she visited, because the tumor was very big and pressing hard on areas of breathing, eating and drinking and even the vocal cords.
But the overall checkup and reviewing of her medical history at Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Hospital, it appeared that the hypertrophy has spread to her neck and bottom of the jaw, leading to difficulty of swallowing of food or fluid. Radiological examinations and CT scans, and dye rays confirmed the hypertrophy around the trachea, pharynx and vocal cords.
After making required examinations to confirm the hypertrophy, a thyroid gland biopsy showed that the tumor is benign; a surgery was performed on the patient, noting that it took one hour to do the anesthesia because of the tumor pressing on the trachea. Thanks to Allah, all tissues, nerves and sensitive blood vessels in the neck have been preserved in good condition, and the patient is still under observation and medical care in the hospital. 

Last Update : 05 February 2017 04:09 PM
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