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MOH: '30,000 Patients Benefit from Home Medicine Services'
22 December 2016
The Ministry of Health (MOH) stated that it is currently providing home medicine services to 29,619 patients; as  the number of hospitals providing the services has been increased during this year (2016) by 10 hospitals.
During the same period, it went on adding, a number of 313,837 visits were paid to patients at their homes by 353 medical teams, and the number of patients benefited from the service was increased to 11,178 patients.
It is worth mentioning that the Home Medicine Program aims at providing home medical care services, as easy as possible, to those patients who are in need of them, by a qualified medical team. Medically, the program is reckoned complementary to hospital services, as well as enhancing the efforts by families to follow-up their patients until they are recovered. In addition, the program works on adding beds for new patients who are in desperate need of them.
The program targets those patients who in need of palliative care and psychological care, diabetics, patients with ulcers and injuries, those patients who are in need of tube feeding, or patients with neurological disorders and strokes.
It is worth mentioning that the program depends on a number of medical activities and services (therapeutic, preventive, rehabilitative, educational and social), which are provided by a qualified medical team to certain types of patients, among their families and relatives, at their places of residence in accordance with specific work mechanism and criteria.

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