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MOH Signs Agreement with Joslin Diabetes Center of Harvard University
12 December 2016
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has signed today, Monday, an agreement with Joslin Diabetes Center (JDC) affiliated to Harvard Medical School at Harvard University, USA. The agreement aims at improving the performance of the JDC, in line with the international standards, and honing the skills of workers in such centers, by means of continuous training. The agreement will include the implementation of diploma program for fe/male educators and specialists of diabetes, and the preparation of a training bag for those working in the field of diabetes in all health sectors, in addition to the preparation of qualified and certified trainers in the field of diabetes.
The MOH stated that the outputs of this agreement will contribute, Allah Willing, to increasing the number of those specialized in diabetes therapy at the MOH’s hospitals, including physicians, nurses, and therapeutic nutrition specialists. This matter will help provide optimal health care to diabetics, improve lifestyle, and decrease diseases and their complications, in a manner that is commensurate with the Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030, Allah Willing.
Furthermore, the MOH shows keen interest in developing the management of diabetes centers and units and improving the performance of diabetes centers across the Kingdom’s regions, by means of the development of unified policies and guidelines on the provision of health services to diabetics. It also shows keen interest in honing the skills of workers at these centers, by means of continuing education and training. Thus, such agreements with the specialized centers are reckoned a tool to improve the performance of the diabetes centers.
It is worth mentioning that JDC, which has been established since 1898, is one of the largest and most prestigious diabetes centers worldwide. It is concerned with the provision of health services to diabetics and training the workers in the field of diabetes therapy, in addition to the scientific researches in the same domain.

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