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500,000 Surgeries Conducted at the MOH’s Hospitals over the Past Year
27 October 2016
The hospitals of the Ministry of Health (MOH) have conducted 500,000 surgeries over the past year, whereas the number of the one-day surgeries (ODS) amounted to 224.688. In its recent statistical report, the MOH has pointed out that the total number of the visits paid to primary health care centers amounted to 50 million, the outpatient visits to the MOH’s hospitals amounted to 16.5 million, the emergency visits amounted to 21.2 million, and the MOH’s hospitals deliveries amounted to 247.085 during the same period.
Within the same vein, the report indicated that total number of patients, referred by the medical commissions for treatment inside the Kingdom, amounted to 62,233. It added that the MOH has 41,240 physicians, 3,184 pharmacists, 95,379 nurses and 55,080 assistant medical groups.
It is worth mentioning that the total number of the MOH’s hospitals amounts to 274, the primary health care centers amounts to 2.282, and the bed capacity amounted to 41.297 beds.

Last Update : 01 November 2016 10:28 AM
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