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Successful Gallbladder Removal Surgery Conducted at Al-Dawadmi Hospital
20 October 2016
Thanks to Allah, the Surgical Team at Al-Dawadmi Hospital has succeeded in conducting an inflamed gallbladder surgery (cholecystitis) for a lady in her forties, who had been suffering from severe abdominal pain. At first, she has undergone the required ultrasound screening, which showed that she has abnormal inflammation of the gallbladder (acute cholecystitis). Then, a surgical team, headed by the Surgical Team Leader at the hospital, has conducted laparoscopic surgery for the patient; as the inflammation in such cases may increase and harm the gallbladder, which may lead to death, Allah forbid.
It is worth mentioning that the most common causes of the aforementioned condition is the cystic duct obstruction by stones with inflammation of its wall and bile fluid formation; the matter which caused its inflammation in such way. Moreover, Al-Dawadmi Hospital is one of the MOH facilities which provide treatment for such cases.

Last Update : 23 October 2016 01:57 PM
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